Fertilization Program

6-Step Lawn Care Program:

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Step #1 - Early Spring Application (Mid March- Mid April):
Balanced formula fertilizer with pre-emergence crab grass control.

Step #2 - Late Spring Application (Approx. 6 weeks after step #1):
Balanced formula fertilizer with broad leaf weed control and spot application weed control as needed.

Step #3 - Early Summer Application (Target Date by July 4th):
Balanced formula fertilizer with grub and service insect control. Spot application weed control as needed.

Step #4 - Late Summer early Fall Application:
Balanced Formula Fertilizer

Step #5 - Fall Application:
Lime is applied to your lawn to maintain a proper Ph level and to supply nutrients to the lawn.

Step #6 - Late Fall, Winterizer Application:
This final application has a formulation that will promote new seed development, root growth and help your lawn through the difficult New England winter conditions.

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