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Moisture Manager

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Moisture Manager is a granular application for root zone moisture management that is applied to your lawn similar to a fertilizer application. The product effectively reduces the overall watering requirements by 50% or more and helps plants survive periods of low moisture. Applied in May, under optimum conditions, the product can last for three months, is bio-degradable and eco-friendly containing sugar alcohols, polysaccharides, humectants and a wetting agent to help water repelling soils absorb water.


CarbonPro-L is a product that contains biologicals. Biologicals are any living organisms or organic-based substance produced by an organism that has a direct, positive effect on the growth, defense, reproduction, or metabolic rate of a plant. Examples of biological included but not limited to, microbes (bacteria and mycorrhizae) kelp seaweed extracts, carbon (humic or fulvic acid) and hormones.

Integrating biologicals into a standard treatment plan is a great way to:

  • promote thicker and greener turf
  • achieve lower nitrogen inputs
  • reduce stress damage and recovery time
  • mitigate disease prevalence
  • eliminate excessive chemical treatments

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